NIMC – General Disclaimer

The attention of Management of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has been drawn to the activities of certain unscrupulous persons parading themselves as agents and consultants of the NIMC and claims to having the capacity to operate and facilitates the engagement of companies/agents under the ongoing National Identification Number (NIN) Enrolment Project.

These unscrupulous persons are engaging innocent members of the public and businesses with the objective of extorting money and purportedly promising to facilitate a sub-licensing arrangement between Enrolment Agents approved by the NIMC under the said Enrolment Project and other persons seeking to participate in the Project.

These miscreants and fraudsters are by no means affiliated, associated, or engaged by the NIMC nor do they represent the NIMC or any of its services.

The public is hereby notified that:

i. the NIMC HAS NOT engaged any person, company or organization to act as it’s consultant or agent under any guise or in any manner whatsoever, for the purpose of facilitating any purported collaboration for the implementation of the ongoing NIN Enrolment Project.

ii. The NIMC HAS NOT permitted the sale, transfer, outsourcing or sublicensing of the Enrolment license granted to the companies published in the newspapers and on its website.

iii. The NIMC HAS NOT authorised the sale of enrolment forms. Enrolment forms are free.

The NIMC is currently in the process of finalizing the setup and activation of Enrolment and Registration Centres (ERCs) of the approved agents nationwide which will bring enrolment activities to the doorsteps of Nigerians with ease within the coming days.

For emphasis, we reiterate that the enrolment exercise for the issuance of the NIN is FREE and AT NO COST TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC and NIMC and/or its licensed agents do not collect money from members of the public for enrolment. The NIMC hereby advises members of the public to resist and not respond to any demand for money prior to the provision of enrolment and issuance of the NIN, nor should they subject themselves to or engage with any person(s) not approved by the Commission or who purports to be acting on behalf of or representing the NIMC.

The public is invited to visit NIMC website at for the official list of the approved NIN Enrolment Agents and approved Enrolment and Registration Centres nationwide.

To report any fraudster, extortionist, unauthorized enrolment organization, site, activities, or similar complaints, please contact the NIMC via email at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]


Engr. AIiyu A. AzIz
Director General/CEO

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