Modification of Date of Birth

  1. Write an application address to DG for the date of birth change
  2. Provide a supporting document with the correct DOB issued by a government body ( doc must have been issued before the date of NIN registration)
  3. Pay processing fees$35 through the Remita platform and attach evidence of payment
  4. Submit all documents to a NIMC agent in your location.
  5. The agent will send documents to the approved email address
  6. Your application will be processed within 72 hours (if the change is less than 5 years reduction). If more than 5yrs change within 21 days.
  7. If the application is approved, the NIMC agent with recapture your data and issue you with a new NINslip and send it to
  8. NIMC to effect the change in the database
  9. If declined, pls check your documents and resubmit

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