Dannon Group is an Accredited Agent for NIMC Biometric Capture for
Enrolment into the National Identity Management Programme for Nigerians
in diaspora across the globe. We provided both front end and back end
support for the successful enrolment of nearly three thousand applicants for
foreign based Nigerians living and working abroad, where after completing
the enrolment, transaction ID slips where issued to the applicants seamlessly
within shortest possible time due to our efficient systems our verification
interface provided secure and fast platforms for authentication. Approved
Diaspora Agent by NIBS to register and issued Bank Verification Number
(BVN) to Nigerians in Diaspora.
Provision of Corporate Network Security Services to develop and support
Innovative products and services. Web-based E-marketing sites and systems.
Database management solution for all business undertaking which in turn
improve income for founder-owner with income growth possibilities
Design of workflow for Issuance of Diaspora Cards a database of all Nigerians
in their respective locations of residences at a click, the authentic data of
any person can be confirmed at the Embassies/High Commissions and
Consulate Offices. This solution will give the Nigerian/Nigerians in Diaspora
integrity in the face of the Local Authority. It will give a quasi-precise report of
Nigerian citizens’ resident to know their profession, social conditions and
family composition and the possibility of co-option entire Nigerians in the Diaspora
to improve its engagement with Local Authority through the Embassy /High
Commissions and Consulate Office. Creating an Institutional Framework for
Nigerian government to- effectively consider and engage the Nigerians in
Diaspora, in policy-making for National Development, so that the huge
potentials therein can be harnessed. Incentives for investments such as
the Nigeria Diaspora Investment Trust Fund and The Diaspora Bonds.