Bank lifts suspension of international transactions on naira master cards

Wema Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks, has announced the lifting of the suspension of international transactions on naira master cards. Recall that many commercial banks in the country prohibited the use of naira cards for international ATM cash withdrawals, web and POS transactions, implying that cardholders cannot make cash withdrawals or payments through those channels outside the country. However, in a statement sent to its customers, Wema Bank announced that it has lifted the embargo on international transactions on naira cards, which means that customers can now conduct international transactions and make purchases globally. Customers can now enjoy seamless transactions and make international purchases using their Naira cards, including Mastercard, ALAT Mastercard, and Visa, for international spending, according to the bank. The email stated, “It’s time to enjoy seamless transactions and make purchases internationally. You can now use your Naira cards, including Mastercard, ALAT Mastercard, and Visa, for international spending.” The lifting of the ban brings an array of benefits to customers. For starters, it enables them to make international purchases, shop at online stores all over the world, and purchase from their favourite international brands. Wema Bank also stated that it has imposed a $500 monthly spending limit for international transactions to ensure that its customers manage their expenses responsibly and protect them from potential fraudulent activities. “Your Naira master cards give you the convenience of making payments in foreign currencies, eliminating the need for currency conversion or carrying excess cash. It’s a hassle-free and secure way to shop and transact abroad,” it added.  

Modification of Date of Birth

  1. Write an application address to DG for the date of birth change
  2. Provide a supporting document with the correct DOB issued by a government body ( doc must have been issued before the date of NIN registration)
  3. Pay processing fees$35 through the Remita platform and attach evidence of payment
  4. Submit all documents to a NIMC agent in your location.
  5. The agent will send documents to the approved email address
  6. Your application will be processed within 72 hours (if the change is less than 5 years reduction). If more than 5yrs change within 21 days.
  7. If the application is approved, the NIMC agent with recapture your data and issue you with a new NINslip and send it to
  8. NIMC to effect the change in the database
  9. If declined, pls check your documents and resubmit


The Nigerians in Diaspora Association, Marseille under the leadership of Mr. Shina Olaoye hosted His Majesty, Olofin Apesin Olode, Olota of Otta, Awori Kingdom, Oba Professor Adeyemi Obalanlege(Lanlege Ekun II, Arole Iganmode) on Friday, 4th March 2022 in Marseille.
The President of the Association, M.r Shina Olaoye made it known that it is a great achievement for the association to have His Majesty in Marseille.
According to him, the presence of Kabiyesi has further boosted their morale as he promised Kabiyesi and other Nigerians that they will continue to promote the positive image of the country in Marseille.
He also seized the opportunity to inform His Majesty of their programs for the year as they look forward to receiving many dignitaries during the events.
In his remarks, His Majesty, Oba Obalanlege  thanked members of the association for the reception, urging them to continue to raise the flag of Nigeria in accordance to the rules and regulations of their host country.
Kabiyesi also charged them on the need to look back home, stating that with their experience in Europe, they have the opportunity to replicate modernism in the governance and political sector of Nigeria.
Contributing, Olori Oloruntoyin Obalanlege implored members, especially the married, not to abandon their families at home.
In his continued effort to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Aworis, His Majesty, the Olofin Apesin Olota embarked on a tour to Germany and other European countries on the 24th of February and he is slated to return 6th March 2022.
 Prince A.S Olusesi reporting from Marseille
For: The Royal Palace of Oleta of Otta, Awori Kingdom


Dear Nigerians, In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine. Please be advised that for all Nigerians crossing over to Poland through this Border Border crossing Korczowa – Krakovets Please present any one of these as your destination address with the Border controls.  
  • 02-953, Kosiarzy 22B, 02-956 Warszawa
  • Hrebenne-Rawa Ruska Szkoła Podstawowa w Lubyczy Królewskiej (zaplecze hali sportowej) ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 5, 22-680 Lubycza Królewska Phone: +48-729275316
  • Korczowa-Krakowiec Świetlica, Korczowa 155, 37-552 Korczowa Phone:+48-579201775
  • Medyka-Szeginie Hala Sportowa – Medyka 285, 37-732 Medyka Phone:+48-729242516
  • Budomierz-Hurszew Szkoła Podstawowa w m. Krowica Sama 183, 37-625 Krowica Sama Phone: +48-739493541
  The NIDOP Volunteers with the Nigerian Embassy staff will be at the below meeting point with Buses and Vans to pick up Nigerians. Please Stay Safe.? We will be waiting at the below address. This is our convergence point. It’s about 100m – 200m from the Border. Please meet at Hotel Cykada Please fill out the form below  Please join the telegram group NIDOP Executives.
The Nigerian Embassy in Romania wishes to inform Nigerians arriving from Ukraine that arrangement has been put in place to receive them at the Romanian entry points. The Embassy hotlines are: Consular Officer +40747309174 Head of Chancery +40786091964. For those experiencing difficulties at the borders, Our Minister, His Excellency Geoffrey Onyeama is currently engaging high authorities and the Organization for Migration to assist.

NIN Enrollment for Diaspora

The High Commission wishes to inform the Nigerian Community in Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu of the official commencement of registration and enrolment of the National Identification Number (NIN) in the above countries. Please be informed that the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in collaboration with the Dannon Investment and Management Consultancy (Dannon Group) and EH-LED Global Resources Ltd, represented by Commscentric Pty Ltd, would be carrying out this exercise in Australia and countries of concurrent accreditation.  

Applications under Dannon Group

Applicants will need to fill out an online application at DANNON Group and forward a copy of the application and proof of payment to [email protected] in order to obtain an appointment. Please note: The automatically generated appointments are NOT valid. You will receive an email with the appointment date in due course.  

Applications under EH-LED Global Resources Ltd/Commscentric Pty Ltd

Applicants will need to fill out an online application at NIN Booking and follow the instructions as directed.